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How do we work

Yes we do. No job is too small.
You should only do electrical work if you have the proper knowledge and training to do it safely and correctly. Electricity can be dangerous, so if you are not sure of your skill level, it is best to let a professional handle the work.
Electrical wiring methods and materials have changed drastically since home wiring first began, and the National Electrical Code changes every three years. Most homes have had additional wiring added or changed after being built. And there are different acceptable wiring styles and material preferences among electricians of the same time period. There is no way for an electrician to know exactly what type of wiring methods, styles, and materials are in your home without a visit to your home. Each home's floor plan, size, foundation style, and attic accessibility is different than the next. All these variables come in to play when calculating the price to do any type of electrical work. Without knowing these variables, it is just not possible to give you an accurate price to do your work.
You should only use a light bulb with with a wattage that does not exceed the rating for your particular fixture or lamp. Each fixture or lamp should have the maximum wattage rating labeled on it somewhere near the socket. Exceeding this maximum wattage can start a fire in your light fixture or home wiring. If your room is still to dark, consider changing out the fixture for one that allows a higher wattage or more bulbs, or considering adding some recessed lighting fixtures in the room to supplement the other fixture.
You should only use a different brand of breaker if it is listed for specific use in your breaker box and it is acceptable by the manufacturer of the breaker box. If a breaker has not been tested for another brand of breaker box, and listed for specific use in a particular breaker box, then it may not work properly in that breaker box, which is a safety hazard and against the National Electrical Code. This could also void any warranty you may have on your breaker box, and the breaker itself. This could also void your insurance coverage in the event of a fire.
Any type of electrical work does have an associated level of risk including injury and/or death. Another risk is creating a fire hazard. We do not recommend inexperienced people attempting any electrical wiring or installations. All electrical work should be done by an insured, licensed electrician.
Most household service work will not require a Permit. Major projects such as room additions and basement finishing probably will require a Permit and inspections. Failure to follow building codes could require your work to be completely redone at additional expense. If a Permit is required we will take on that responsibility for you.
Chances are your power will not be turned off while we work. If power interruptions are required it is usually limited to a single circuit and only for a short amount of time. Major projects may require total shut-offs while service connections are being done. In any event we will minimize the time that you are without power.
YES! We have a one year warranty on our electrical services labor. All electrical parts or components are covered by any warranty provided by the original manufacturer. Fixtures or appliances provided by customers are assumed to be in good working order at the time of our work being performed and are not warranted by us.